You are a miracle

You are a miracle



I went  outside this morning

I took a deep breath to feel, just to feel that I am alive and I am a part of this world.

I looked at nature, listened to beautiful singing and chirping birds, the wind blew gently and of course I had to do this

AUUUUU (it means that I did what I just felt, I listened to my intuition, my heart and I simply did it-:)


I took out small singing bowls and lovely chair and I was listening to wind, birds and healing sound of bowls.


I am not a very good photographer. I just put everything the way I like and felt at this moment and I took a picture and I didn't even notice two Hibiscus flowers without leaves which were behind my beauty view.




I put so much energy to get the palm Areca out of the house ( I bought it some time ago in Ikea), I talked to myself and I hit the bowls and listened and said to myself that I love this relaxing sound and I am so happy I have mamisy and I realised






If you are sad, stand up and look in the mirror, look in your beautiful eyes, smile to yourself and say I am a miracle.

Wish You a lovely day