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LiParie Jola Lewicka in MAMISY studio

LiParie Jola LEWICKA in MAMISY studio

During pandemic we do not have much activity in our society, we learn to choose valuable meetings and workshops for us with precious people and what is very important nowadays is to create safety conditions connected with quality, gaining knowledge, smile and positive vibrations. Our common project LiParie&MaMisy, that we have been working on, went perfectly.

Together with famous celebs braffitter we created unique project and put together two brands:

  • Lingerie methamorphosies

  • Tibetan bowl relaxing massage

Participants, who applied and came to Mamisy studio on Saturday 03.10.2020, could match to their body sensual polish lingerie and  could try my sound healing singing bowls, gongs vibration outside in the sunny atmosphere. This relaxing sound of Tibetan bowls, which have existed for hundreds of years, known as form of mind calming was at Babki in Mamisy studio.

Jola LEWICKA is lingerie designer. She shares her projects, experiences at www.liparie.pl and fanpage Li Parie Polska. 

I have MaMISY and Jola has LiParie