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KatPiwecka in Mamisy

KatPiwecka in Mamisy studio

Photographer Katarzyna Piwecka came for one-to one Tibetan Massage!!!

What a Super Day!


KatPiwecka has her own photo studio. She shoots pictures of famous celebs, write a blog called www.fotografkawpodrozy.pl. As a travel journalist she shares her travel experience with Business Insider Polska.

Kasia loves taking female nude, family, business photos and portraits. KatPiwecka told me  „By shooting photos I would like to share important topics and issues concerning people in order to familiarize us with it”.

Recently she has released photo album about Portugal "In Love With Portugal" and with Celebs Shoots. I have both and they are beautiful.

For me KatPiwecka is a wonderful woman who listens to her heart and loves her passion. She is keen on travelling and she divides her life between Poland and Portugal where she feels as at home. She is a happy wife, mother, vegan and a total life enthusiast.