Calm Your Mind

Calm your mind


How to calm mind?

What to do to stop thinking for a moment?

To relax our mind?


Our mind constantly works and analyzes. Sometimes there are so many thoughts that it is hard to handle it and we wish to calm mind, to stop thinking for a while but we do not know how to do it. We are just fed up. It is not easy to define sadness and to know what a sad person feels. We are all different, one person cries alone, another calls best friend, another gooes for a walk or sometimes drinks alcohol or takes other drugs.

Sound_healing therapy is one of the way to calm mind and get silence of sad thoughts. Listening to the sound of bowls, gongs, koshi rings and other instruments helps our mind to get balance and mute.

Some time ago I tried sound_healing therapy and it helped me a lot. Why don't You try to calm your mind with lovely music. 

Find just 10 minutes to lie down, close your eyes and feel the sound.

Positive vibrations will go to your body and mind and simply daily activities like getting out of the bed, getting clothes on, brushing teeth, combing hair or preparing breakfast will be much easier.

I would like to invite you for a few minutes of listening to calm mind music which I recorded especially for those who are sad and needs good energy.

Paul Cezanne said that “ eyes sees and brain gives the shape”. I combined these two things to give You a beautiful sound which goes directly to Your wonderful heart.