Health benefits of sound healing

Health benefits of sound healing

Sound healing is a specific form of using instruments vibrations to heal the brain and body. It allows muscles to relax and improves lymphatic flow. Scientific research has shown a positive impact of sound healing on the human body, incl.

  • reduce stress
  • removal of toxins from the body from extracellular spaces
  • tensions elimination
  • facilitating the rehabilitation process in the area of joints, especially the spine and wound healing
  • stimulating effects on all meridians and individual body organs (Table 1,2,3)
  •  improvement of metabolic processes and intracellular respiration
  • stress reduction
  • life motivation increase
  • discovering new passions for life, which has an invaluable impact on efficiency in everyday life and professional work
  •  eliminating problems with concentration, breath, backache, neckache, headache and insomnia;
  • overcoming struggle with constant fatigue,
  • fear of making decisions, so-called "occupational burnout"
  • improvement of blood circulation and regeneration processes

  • positive changes in psyche

  • people after strokes or brain 

  • aphasia

  • at work with disabled people

  • at work with elderly people

  • at work with autistic children

  • at work with disabled children who need surgery or rehabilitation

  • chronically ill people

  • in therapy of multiple sclerosis patients with serious psychological problems

  • faster wounds healing

  • stress and pain relief (after only 2-4 treatments), beneficial changes in arthralgia, rachialgia and migraine headach

  • positive changes in tension and mobility of joints

  • lightness and torpor (in places of greater stiffness and after high doses of drugs, painkillers), spreading warmth or even heat, vibrating

  • stronger urine stream, better comfort (after 2-3 treatments). PSA parameter was observed to decrease from 5,5 to 3,7 ng/ml after 10-13 treatments

  • clicking in ears (disordered), disappearance of tinnitus, improvement of hearing after ear's inflammation

  • entering the deep relaxation phase during the sound_healing and better sleep as a result

  • brighten skin and smoothen facial features

  • body and biofield harmonization

Below you will find the frequency that occurs in individual organs of our body in terms of sound propagation

Tab. 1 Analysis of sound propagation on the body


Frequency (Hz)



Kidneys and lymphatic system






Nervous system






Stomach and bowels


Reference: H.M. Portalscy, „Misy dźwiękowe, właściwości i zastosowania”, p.73

5-minute commune with sound healing becoming apparent in manifestation of emotions. It causes a decrease in the level of hyperactivity, expressive aphasia, helps people who trouble falling asleep and with low self-esteem.

Positive effects of bowls usage are also visible in palliative care helping participants to overcome their fears, get closer to the depths of their own insides, getting lightness and inner relaxation.

Idiophones are used in educational and therapeutic programs, both in trauma centers and public, medical and educational institutions.


I can observe that the sound and tibetan bowls works and has a great impact on our body and mind. First of all, it relaxes the mind, stop thinking, turns off analyzing, eliminates tensions in the body and reduces accumulated stress.

When talking to people who have experienced sound healing tibetan massage, they say they have reached deep relaxation, defused tensions, and especially took their mind off, stopped analyzing behavior, personal moves or life plans and problems.

My own observation allow me to conclude that sound healing massage improves metabolism. The skin gets smoother and smoother. People who take part in the session often fall asleep and they wake up as if they were new born with new ideas for life, they have less pain after fractures.

Sound healing therapy affects children, schoolchildren, adolescents, adults and elderly people. It simply works :-) The only thing you have to do is to make and appointment and experience wonderful relaxation of the whole body.

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