Why do I practise  sound_ healing therapy?

Music accompanies me through my whole life, while I'm running, cooking or dancing. I suppose each of you experience such moment when driving a car, walking, running or singing a song.

Sound_healing helped me when one of my children had fallen seriously ill. My friend took me for an one-to-one massage after which I stopped taking powerful antipsychotic drugs and sleeping pills. During the session I fell asleep, took out my mind off, stopped analyzing and being sad. For the first time in a long time I'd woken up well-rested, I came back to life, I was crying and smiling to myself.

My story

I believed stress and depression could be overcome by scientifically proven methods. After a sould_healing massage I asked if I could try to hit a singing bowl and check how does it work – I felt like I've been doing that every day of my life. I decided to help myself, my family, my acquaintances, friends and other people who need relax, full breath, a momentary respite from everyday troubles.

During relaxation our body unwinds strongly enough to take a full breath unconsciously. Tension which is built up in our body, clears up bit by bit, we submit to the sound, coming from the instrument and often we fall asleep, entering the deep-relaxation state. The vibrations in our body adapt to our individual needs. I say that we achieve blissfulness or we tackle inside.

My qualifications

I completed Sound_Healing Massage course provided by Magda Pulwicka and Andrzej Samek. I've also deepened my academic knowledge with Mrs. and Mr. Portalski from Poznan University of Technology. I obtained the title of Sound_Healing Practitioner, finishing trainings, courses and workshops, which allow me to have one-to-one and group classes. Most of all – practice makes perfect :-). I've been learning, exploring knowledge of singing bowls, gongs and the impact of sound on our body and mind. I love it and I would like to share my passion with you – Auuuuuuu. I've held over 50 sound_healing group meetings and conducted 300 one-to-one massages.

Professionally, for 15 years I've been a medical sales representative and I often participate in open-heart surgeries.
I combine my carrier with my passion.
I hold sound_healing meetings both in Polish and English

The name Mamisy comes from polish expression “Magda, ta co ma misy” (trans.  Magda who has bowls). The Mamisy logo is a parrot with a bowl. 

  • Thank you for sound-healing massage. I did not know this is one of the relaxation form. I am here because my doughter gave me a birthday voucher. I am glad I came. I am like a new born.
  • T felt very tense and mentally exhousted. Singing bowls vibrations have gone throug whole my body, the state of total relaxation. I haven't received such total relaxation for a long time.
    office worker
  • Thank you for a very professional sound_healing massage during which my brain and body went into deep relaxation. After the week of hard work and a lot of stress my body relaxed totally and my blood pressure has normalized.
    post office employee
  • It is worth experience sound-healing massage here.
    shop owner
  • Thank you very much for this vibration time. Great experience. Worth beeing here. Love this time with such sound_healing practise.
    children teacher
  • Sounds of gongs and bowla and vibrations are just Great.


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